The workshop is a closed space where everyone should feel at ease, like at home.

Walls are covered in craft paper on which I will attach for you one (or more) large sheet of paper, then you can paint with a large variety of 18 different gouache colors available on a long table, each color comes with a choice of 3 paintbrushes.

After having used a color one can either come back to the table to take more of the same color or wash the paintbrush, put it back next to its color and take a new paintbrush and color. This requires a certain degree of presence and attention to put the paintbrush back where it belongs without bumping into eachother around the table.

All the paintings made during the workshop will be stored, but none of them will leave the space. This is to insure that we paint for the play of it, without comparison or purpose. At the end of the year, you can review all your paintings and if you wish take them away with you. However if you wish to continue coming to the "chambre des couleurs" it is advised that you don't take the paintings that you made...It has proved very difficult indeed not to fall back into the trap of comparison and judgment...